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Cervantes : "Dialogue of the Dogs" book Unknown
  • Categories:Animal, Book


Berganza (dog) seems to have opened his eyes to another world in which he is in actuality a man, and not a dog. La Canizares claimed that when his mother bore Berganza/Montiel, he and his twin brother, presumably Cipion, were changed into puppies because of a grudge held against their mother. The witch also tells Berganza that he can possibly regain his human form, something that obviously affects him quite deeply.

The episode of the witch comes in the center of the "Dialogue of the Dogs," indicating its importance. The witch's philosophy is so different from Berganza's that he is transfixed by it, as it opens a world of new possibilities to him, and "it is through her that questions regarding the deeper mysteries of life are introduced to Berganza." The witch tells her own story in the first person, instead of the point of view of Berganza himself, and she "converts the story from an idle animal fable to one of deep moral dimensions." Through the character of the witch Cervantes perhaps tries to draw the reader into the possibilities of opinions that may be frightening, and shows that even though actions may seem to be spawned of the devil, that those who are condemned of these acts can be human in their behaviors and dreams. The witch is torn because while she tries to redeem herself by working in the hospital, she knows it is not possible, as she has had little choice than to give herself to evil. The witch talks of how although her pleasures may not be real, but imagined during the trances she undergoes, and though they may be inspired by the devil, "still to us they seem pleasures" and by this she shows Berganza that for some, this is the only way to experience such pleasures.

originally posted by anonymous on 2005-02-14, no edits, entryid=1942