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Drawn Together episode Spelling Applebee's
  • Categories:Animal, Television Episode


Foxxy competes in a spelling bee and Captian Hero tries to work a relationship with Princess Clara whom is only into Hero because she loves car crashes.

At one point, Clara tells Hero that it isn't working out and Hero sulks off. Xander tries to cheer up Hero by taking him out to try on wedding dresses. First wedding dress is said to look "too Lady Dia," the second one (a man's tux) is said to look "too Ellen Degeneras" and when hero comes out in the last dress, he has turned into a dog. Xander makes a comment, to which Hero askes why he is ripping on the celebrity, Xander looks into the camera and says "See knows what she did."

With that, Hero decides that the only way to get even with Clara is to stop any car crashes from ever happening, he flyes off (still a dog) and while in the air, he rips of the dress and is his old self.

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