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  • Categories:Gender, Movie
  • (c)2002


This is a movie from Spectrum Films, starring Regan D'Lyn, Charlotte Mangum, and Michael Garrett. It's 86 minutes long and does not appear to be rated. I would give it an "R" rating.

From the back cover:

"Gender Envy... People wish for what they haven't got... but what if your wish came true?

Penis Envy... the almighty appendage. A small thing to wish for, but could it truly be the source of a powerful, more fulfilling life? Stacy and Lydia, two beautiful career girls, are about to find out. Stopping off at a trashy motel bar on their way back to L.A., they begin a bizarre adventure after a chance encounter with the Penis Fairy! He grants their wish for a "trial membership". Thinking this is the answer to all their problems, they begin an odyssey of discovery about the benefits and shortcomings of the other half. It's a world filled with uncontrollable urges, strange desires... a world where genders collide, drag queens preside, and body hair takes on a whole new meaning! Envy is an adult gender-bending fairy tale that explores and explodes the myth of being male."

Note: The "men" are played by the same actresses, but with slicked back hair, mustaches, and bushier eyebrows. The "men" try out sex with both men (who they used to be interested in, but now find unappealing as "men" themselves) and women. This isn't a porno, and the sex isn't the main focus of the film. The transformation and its ramifications are the major focus.

originally posted by DaKhan on 2005-03-14, 3 edits, entryid=1858