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Essentially a adult movie version of switch. A real jerk is sleeping with all the women around him and then they find out and all gang up and kill him and chop him up into pieces. He arrives in hell and is told that there is a problem as he isn't suppose to be there for a couple more years. He says "send me back then" and the person says they can't because he doesn't have a body to go back to. So then he demands to be sent back no questions asked so he wakes up as a turtle for a moment and then is back in hell and the demon says you shouldn't be so hasty. Then he tells him we will send you back and he will have 2 days to set his affairs in order and seek any revenge and then he will resume the life of the person who's body he is in unaware of who he was. He agree's.

He the wakes up as what looks like an 18 year old super hot blonde babe. At first he doesn't notice as he is helped up by some passerbys and then realizes he is female. Checks himself over quickly and says "well its better than a turtle"

Then he seeks revenge killing the women who killed him and on the last one kills her and then resumes the life of the person who's body he is in and is horrified to see a dead woman shot with herself holding the gun. The guys assisstant who he fired at the start of the show is the dead womans husband who was leaving her due to her sleeping with his boss. He agres's to help the fightened girl out and they (of course) end up having sex and run off together.

Not the best TG movie ever but certainly TG and needs to be included as its not bad and the babe he becomes is super hot.


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