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Doraemon book Vol. 28
  • Categories:Misc, Book
  • ISBN 4-09-140508-8


Numerous transformations take place within this collection of the adventures of Nobita and his futuristic robot-cat Doraemon. In the very first story Doraemon surprises Nobita by transforming from an ordinary cat to a miniature concord jet, then back to himself, all with the use of a special trasformation pill. Nobita's given the standard warning about abusing it but insists on trying it to impress his friends by turning into a winged pegasus. Things go wrong of course and he accidently transforms himself into a duplicate of his mother (3 Panels) a baboon, an oversized hand, the pegasus, a fish, a duck, a pair of pants and finally seems to be stuck as a fifteen foot tall Godzilla. Other stories have Nobita transforming into a giant frog and a dog, and his girlfriend into a mermaid.

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