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Incredible Crisis
  • Categories:Size, Computer Game


Incredible Crisis is a PSone Game that is... out there. You have to guide this family through the wackiest day in Tokyo. On minute you are dancing in office building, the next you are trying to steal a golden pig from a bank, then you are fighting a giant teddy bear to save the world. Wierd, but fun.
One of the chapters in the game revoles around Tsuyoshi, age 11 and the youngest of the family. While reading comics in the backyard, Tsuyoshi is hit with a beam from a ufo that makes him the size of an ant and has to try and get home. While being so small, he must escape an ant-lion's hole, tiptoe across a spider's web, bail water out of a toy boat and escape a praying mantis. There are other size transformations as well in the game, such a toy bear into a 200 foot teddy bear, a car shrinks, and a ferry boat (and captain) shrink to the size of a toy boat.
If you see this game, pick it up. It is one of the most random, wackiest, and fun games out there, although it is a little short. (no pun intended)

originally posted by KitsuneKit on 2005-04-18, no edits, entryid=1768