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Sansara Naga 2
  • Categories:Mythical, Computer Game


After entering your name and gender, you're called upon the village elder. You learn that you were found at the gates of Ryuen as a child, crying and clinging to a dragon egg. It turns out that the dragon has hatched into a white dragoness who can speak the human language. The elder asks you to go and find Amurita, the one who found you years ago, and your adventure begins.

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Bire gur pbhefr bs gur tnzr, lbh yrnea nobhg gur jbeyq lbh'er va, Fnafnen, naq ubj yvsr pbagvabhfyl ervapneangrf va vg. Nf lbhe nqiragher pbagvahrf, lbhe qentbarff tvirf ovegu gb qentba gjvaf. Ng gur raq bs gur tnzr, nsgre lbh qrsrng gur svany obff... Jung nccrnef gb or "lbh" jnxrf hc va Elhra ntnva, nccneragyl gubfr jrer zrzbevrf bs "lbhe" cerivbhf yvsr. Vg gheaf bhg gung gur qentbarff ervapneangrf nf lbh, bar bs gur gjvaf ervapneangrf nf jbzna va gur ivyyntr, naq lbh svaq bhg nf gur qentbarff ungpurf... gung lbh ervapneangr nf ure!

originally posted by guest on 2006-10-26, no edits, entryid=176