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American Dragon: Jake Long episode "Shapeshifter"
  • Categories:Male, Gender, Shapeshifter, Television Episode
  • Original Air Date: May 13, 2005
  • Season 1 Episode 11
  • Series: American Dragon: Jake Long


When Jake gets shape-shifting powers for a dragon mission, he misuses them to get out of doing chores and doing boring things. Jake Long is given the power to transform into anyone, but is only supposed to use it to disguise himself to look like a troll to fool the huns clan. However, a normal school day with these powers makes for one of the weirdest school days imaginable.

First he gets in trouble with his teacher and his parents visit, but Jake changes into the teacher to fool his parents. Next, he changes into his mother to fool his teacher. Then he transforms into a famous skater to help his friends out. but when the spell starts to wear off in front of the huns clan, Jake can't control the changes and morphs into the various people - but with different body parts! The funniest one was his Mom's body with Grandpa's head.

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