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Transfer Student
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This is a take-off on the "Exchange Students" concept, with a new girl at school raped by boys in the hall and then walked home by a "nice guy" fellow student. The two take a tumble down the stairs and he and she switch bodies. The guy in the girl's body goes to her apartment and tries out the equipment and is later taken advantage of by the student she(he) switched with. About two-thirds of the way through the movie they take a tumble down the steps again, but this time it is unclear whether they switch back. I don't understand any Japanese, but it appears that they don't and are stuck in their new bodies. More steamy action follows. Will post pictures as soon as the entry is posted. The female lead is played by Japanese idol Mami Hayasaki. Available on IRC #fictionmania.


DVD case cover image WARNING: Contains partial nudity


After the first tumble down the stairs

that switches their bodies.

Back home on her new bed.

After trying out the equipment on

the bed, she considers various vegetables

in the kitchen...

A guy peeks through the window and

sees her, comes in and she toys with

taking the next step.

She decides fairly easily,

after some reluctance.

The new prey becomes the new predator

after the new experience.

Seduction 101

Seduction 102

Getting down to it...

He chastises her for her loose ways

simce the guys are talking and he

now gets to listen to the guys.

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