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The Hitchhickers Giude to the Galaxy
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Just went to see this film at the cinima it was good but thay did not stick to the book at the end and made it into another "its all better at the end film"

Anyway to the transformations.
Most of the transformations occour due to the improbability drive on one of the spaceships "it generates a field of improbabilty till a point where the improbabilty factor is exsactly the amount needed to jump from where you are to where youre going" as a side effect the crew of the ship and suronding space are effected by improbabal things mostly involving being transformed into somthing. the first was the two being turend into sofas then wool pepole, the ship also changes into random things like flowers, at one point two nukes are turned into a sperm whale and a bowl of flowers, very funny :)

thier is also a piont where ford prefect goes to see his old girlfreind but she has grown massive "you only see her feet no transformation"

near the end thier is a scean whith a gun that lets the person you fire it at see youre point of view a women fires it at a man and he starts to think like the women "no transformation".

Go See It.

sry spelling :(

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