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Switch the Sex
  • Categories:Gender, Adult Movie


found this at URL

It's available at #fictionmania but under another name, I think, possibly just 'switch'.
Switch the Sex seems to be the right name as it is on the DVD cover at the site above.

Hatsumi Takaoka is the actress

It says there are 2 parts but I'm not sure if both are in the movie at #fictionmania or if it's just part 1.

But I definately saw this film (at least part one) and can confirm it.

Here's an edited description:
Something strange happens, the two seem to have switched bodies during sex. The young man seems to be trapped in Hatsumi's body and she is trapped in his. The young man or should I say Hatsumi fumbles around the floor looking for her glasses and then runs out of the room in a panic. Hatsumi, whose body is now occupied by the young man, marvels at her breasts as well as other parts of the body. He makes his or her way back to Hatsumi's apartment and takes advantage of his current predicament. The next day at school he decides to let Hatsumi feel the pleasures of her current male sexuality with help from him and her former body.

originally posted by anonymous on 2005-05-27, no edits, entryid=1591