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The Wotch
  • Categories:Gender, Age, Furry, Were, Webcomic


This web comic has a lot of morphs. One being the wotches brother that begs her to turn him into lilly a young girl. He also mentaly ARs after the change.


Web Comic started in Nov. 2002. By Anne Onymous & Robin Ericson. Story is about a highschool girl who received magic powers while at Band camp. She is still learning how to control her magic. There are TG transformations throughout the storylines. Her older brother likes to be transformed into a six year old girl, he says it's relaxing. When in little girl form, he takes on the personality of a little girl. In the current story line, his sister sneezed while saying the incantation that changes him and now his adult male form acts like a little girl and his little girl form has his adult personality.

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