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Steve Brust book To Reign in Hell
  • Categories:Animal, Book


One of Steven Brust's best works, To Reign in Hell is an inventive retelling of the revolt of angels in heaven and the fall of Lucifer and those angels who stood by his side. This heaven however was carved out by the changing of "cacoastrum" (basically chaos itself) into "illiaster" which is bound by the laws of nature Yaweh created. Thus heaven is created as a "bubble" of reality in a sea of chaos. During this initial creation - Lucifer and the archangels came into existence and helped to shore up Yaweh's creation. But the sea of chaos attacks the illiaster in waves that must be fought off again and again.

During these battles, those angels which come in direct contact with the cacoastrum lose something of themselves and are transformed into lesser creaters. Beelzebub aquires the form of a dog, another angel becomes a leviathan, another a dragon. Each battle destroys some, and transforms others.

This is an excellent novel - I highly recommend it to any and all science fantasy fans. Steven Brust's writting is top notch.

originally posted by Lady Sekhmet on 2005-06-01, no edits, entryid=1576