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Eclipso was the Angel of Vengeance who turned evil and was replaced by Spectre in DC Comics mythology. It has long been a male figure possessing male forms, needing hatred and anger in the vessel to allow him to take over as the host. When not possessing a form he is trapped within a purple diamond and when one comes in contact with it he can take over their form.

In a storyline running through the Superman books in 2005, Superman is possessed by Eclipso after it possessed Lois Lane. It is finally removed from Superman by Captain Marvel.

Following these events, the diamond came into the possession of Jean Loring, wife of The Atom who had gone insane in the 2004 storyline Identity Crisis and admitted to Arkham Asylum.

In Day Of Vengeance #1 her body becomes the host for the new Eclipso and later in Superman #216 how the diamond got to Arkham is revealed. She has so far also appeared in issues #2 and #3 of Day Of Vengeance and figures rather prominently in the overall magic-based stories the DC comics are running.

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