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Bad Girls of Valley High
  • Categories:Age, Movie


A 2000 movie originally titled "A fate totally worse than death" and based on the book by the same name.

The teen horror-comedy BAD GIRLS FROM VALLEY HIGH is based on the acclaimed young adult novel by Paul Fleischman entitled A FATE TOTALLY WORSE THAN DEATH. It marks the feature filmmaking debut of John Kretchmer, who directed many episodes of the similarly-toned television series CHARMED. At Valley High, three girls--Danielle, Tiffany, and Brooke--are united by their wealth, dominance over the social scene, and a dark, murderous secret. When a foreign exchange student arrives and invokes the wrath of the girls, they begin to rapidly age. Obviously distressed, the girls realize that the new girl has something to do with the murder they committed about a year ago. BAD GIRLS FROM VALLEY HIGH is a horror twist on other teen comedies like HEATHERS and MEAN GIRLS.

Screen caps can be found at Monica Keena's offical website.


Going grey.

The curse begins. The girls need caffine.

Getting older.

Haven't you two noticed anything strange?

We have . . .

Pickel tits!

High School Seniors

Happy 18th Birthday

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