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Something is Out there
  • Categories:Misc, Movie


Not sure what type to put this under. I think this movie inspired the Hidden. A male detective is puzzled when a series of bruta, impossible murders suddenly grip the city. It is being done by an escaped Alien Prisoner form a star prisonn It/he/she escaped & killed all the crew & other prisnors accept for the mediacal officer. A beautiful blond Maryann d'Abo ( a Bond girl). This alien is kind of a shape shifter. It can somehow dig into human bodies & use them & even access some of their memories. The pair try & track it down & kill it before it can reproduce itself via cloning. It becomes both men & woman - one of the more lengthly impersonations is that of a woman scientist who talks with the pair. It has moments of great excitement & the scene in flashback where the alien escapes & kills everyone is really chilling. The show also has some flashes of humor. Its well done & well acted.

Note: this was orginally a mini series edited into a 3 hour movie. Anusingly one of the thing edited out I guess networks don't want any mention of region in shows - was the best - if strangest explantion of why a woman from another planet is identical to us identical to us.
'Don't you beliebve that God created your race in his image? Well the same for us & most other races in the galaxy!" she tells the detecctive.

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