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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • Categories:Misc, Movie


Several transformation scenes in Tim Burton's new film of the iconic children's story by Roald Dahl, involving beastly little children getting their comeuppance. For those who have yet to see the new film, the transformations (particularly Violet's) are quite an improvement over the 1971 version.

Violet Beauregarde eats a "3-course meal" stick of magical gum that malfunctions during the dessert course, blueberry pie. She slooowly turns blue, spreading from the tip of her nose to the rest of her face and then to her arms, body, and clothing. She then gradually inflates into a round, massive (~10 m in diameter) blueberry with only her head, hands, and feet barely visible.

Mike Teevee gets zapped into a television set, where he is only a few inches tall. We watch him haplessly get tossed about from one scenario to the next -- in the frying pan of a cooking show, on the drum set of a rock video, etc., before he is finally fished out by his father. (We later see a super-tall, flat version of him after he apparently gets stretched out)

originally posted by Zemus on 2005-07-16, no edits, entryid=1473