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"Life Interrupted" episode of The 4400
  • Categories:Age, Television Episode
  • Series: The 4400


The main character Tom Baldwin wakes up in a parawell universe where the 4400 were never taken and they lived on from the time they were taken to the time they died or the present. We see an elderly version of Miaya who was taken in 1946 when she was 8, and since she was never taken she lived a full life. Then in the episode they flash foward to 8 years in the future where Tom is getting used to the universe with him and everyone aged 8 years. Of course he finds a way back to his universe after finding out that a 4400 who is his wife in this world has the ability to create a new world and have anyone she wants be a part of it and the catch is she doesnt know she is doing this, she just thinks that she is stuck there too. Well when Tom returns he is back to his normal age.

originally posted by Tazz on 2005-07-18, 1 edit, entryid=1469