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Tutenstein episode Cleo's Catastrophe
  • Categories:Animal, Television Episode


When lightning strikes an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus in a museum, the mummy of a 10-year-old Pharaoh is brought back to life. Short in stature, but long on attitude, King Tut-ankh-en-set-amun believes he is the supreme ruler of the world. Join Tut and his friends � Cleo (a hip, 21st Century, 12-year-old girl) and Luxor (his faithful, talking-cat servant) � as Tut tries to regain his throne in a modern world.

Cleo�s Catastrophe
Cleo is upset when she finds that all of Luxor's time is being taken up by Tutenstein... Tutenstein is upset because he needs Luxor to do errands for him... and Luxor is upset because he's caught between serving his master and spending time with his original owner. Out of his own self-interest, Tut decides to help Cleo without having to give up even five minutes of Luxor's time -- so he chants a spell to change Cleo's mind about missing Luxor, but instead, a magical mishap causes Cleo and Luxor to switch minds -- Cleo becomes a cat, and Luxor becomes Cleo!


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