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EEK! The Cat episode HallowEek
  • Categories:Animal, Television Episode


I remember this episode fondly, a scantilly clad witch uses her magic to capture ghosts, why? She wants to make a perfume out of them. Eek helps the ghosts escape, but in the process, the witch falls into the vat of ghostless perfume-mixture. Well, needless to say it has some sideeffects. She quickly begs her sidekick, a black cat, to read from the spell book. He missreads that the formula will turn the witch into a raddish. She shrinks a bit and is poofed into a raddish, but he soon corrects himself, and she poofs into a rodant. Needless to say, she is scared of her former bullied sidekick, who picks her up, and flies away on a magic broom. It still gives me a tingly feeling inside when I think about it.

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