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Pumpkin Head
  • Categories:Mythical, Movie


SPOILERS!!!! One of the best horror films ever made, around the time when films were gold (1980s). Ed Harley's son is killed by careless teens, so Ed takes it upon himself to exact revenge. He deploys the help of an old hag in the middle of the woods, who, summons the great Vengeance to wreak havoc on the teens. Pumpkinhead, as the locals call it, goes around, killing teen after teen. All those directly responsible for the death. Ed, however, is having second thoughts, considering that he now feels EVERY death. Well, at the end, Ed begins to transform into the creature, as the creature begins to become him. Taking on each others appearances, though, Ed ends his own life...

But, right before the credits role, we see what appears to be the twisted body of the creature being reburied... though, it is infact Ed, because it is wearing his necklace.

originally posted by Fighting Oxygen on 2005-08-03, no edits, entryid=1410