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Naughty Bedtime Stories
  • Categories:Gender, Adult Movie


"Excerpt: From Shannon T. Nutt's Movie Review"

"That Witch Is A Bitch" begins with Ava Vincent watching a porno with her boyfriend. When Ava is left alone on the couch, the person in the scene Ava is watching (Holly Hollywood) proclaims "I can eat pussy much better than your boyfriend!" Ava is both shocked that the TV is talking to her and repulsed at the idea of making out with a girl, but when her boyfriend returns to eat Ava out, he is transformed into Holly Hollywood, and the two women get it on in a fairly hot lesbian sequence.

One of the more interesting stories in this volume is "A Set Of Balls" which finds Joelean (who doesn't actually have any sex in this DVD) in the shower wishing she had a cock and balls. Sure enough, a visit from a strange figure transforms her into the form of Mark Ashley, although she/he still has Joelean's voice! When Joelean/Mark's roommate, played by Aurora Snow, finds out what has happened, she can't help wanting to test out her friend's new equipment.


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