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Witchgirls Inc. issue 1st story 1st issue
  • Categories:Gender, Comic Book


In the new comic Witchgirls Inc, about female detectives who have magic abilities, a spell to protect a box of jewels backfires on the old lawyer opening up the box upon the death of his client, and he is transformed into the duplicate of Marilyn Monroe. The spell was supposed to mark the thief for easy identification as Marilyn.

Throughout the rest of the story he/she tries to solve the mystery of the missing jems in his new form. He handles the change with british pluck, even putting on makeup to respect the woman he has become. There is a funny scene at the end with 'Marilyn' surrounded by male cops wanting 'her' autograph, etc.

It's full color, and well drawn and just went on sale last week. It's published by Heroic publishing, a small company so you may have to ask the store toorder it for you. There was only one left when I bought mine.

The story also features the Black Enchantress, who may be in another story with some TG, listed here at the site.



Picture of Witchgirls

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