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Curse of the Wolf
  • Categories:Were, Movie


A young woman, Dakota, has finally found a way to "control" her Lycanthrope metamorphosis and desires to try and lead a "normal" life. All might be well if not for dakota's "pack", who want a different life for live in werewolf immortality and hujnt with them forever!!! Dakota attempts to flee to the city and tries hide from her "pack" family. the pack aggressively seeks out Dakota in the city, where Dakota has enlisted the help of a shady nightclub owner (professional wrestling legend Lanny Poffo) and his band of hired assassins (Darian Caine, Pamela Sutch, and Leon South) to help her combat her past. It becomes a battle where only the strongest will survive! Will Dakota break free from her past? Or will she succumb to the.....Curse of the Wolf!

Logan..........Lanny Poffo (WWF legend)
Ivy...............Darian Caine ("Spiderbabe", "The sexy 6th Sense")
Franklin.......Brian "blue meanie" Heffron (WWE/WWF/ECW wrestling superstar)
Star.............Pamela Sutch ("Transformed",
Dakota........Renee Porada (4 time Tango Soo Do martial arts champion)
Michael.......Todd Humes (national Tae Kwon Do champion)

Film contains violence, martial arts, nudity, lesbian situations, gore, foul language

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1 Comment: Curse of the Wolf
Started by cj
210 months

originally posted by guest (KillerWolf Films) on 2006-11-06, no edits, entryid=139