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Justice League: Task Force issue Vally of the Daals
  • Categories:Marked for deletion
  • Issues 7, 8


Marked for Deletion by Sara 2/13/08 - This entry is a duplicate of entryid=6587 originally posted by anonymous on 2000-01-01. I have merged this original information into the other record.

In this JL off shoot title from 1993 a plane crashes in Deepest Africa, only survivor carrying a container of a deadly virus is captured by savage green skinned amazons. They use his communicator to ask that a group of female ambassadors to come claim him. Several female Justice Leaguers are sent, including Wonder Woman but it is felt that since Martian Manhunter is green skinned that he should shape shift into a woman, he is uncomfortable with this but makes the change. Things get complicated when the Queen of the Amazons choses MM as her mate, he/she is forced to keep the Queen busy while the others get the man and the virus out. Eventually J'onn learns that the Queen is half male half female, the only one of her tribe able to "father" children, J'onn eventually reveals his true form. There is anger at first but they make amends at the end.

originally posted by lbh on 2005-08-24, 1 edit, entryid=1364