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Daughter of Regals & Other Tales book The Lady in White
  • Categories:Gender, Book


Daughter of Regals is a collection of short stories by Stephen R. Donaldson including one which involves two brothers who encounter "The Lady in White" who lives in a forest reputed to hold dark secrets. But the Lady in White has her own secrets...

An engaging short story with more than one twist at the end.

"Her form was robed all in whitest samite, and her head was crowned as if in bronze by a wealth of red-yellow hair that fell unbound to her shoulders, and her eyes were like the heavens of the night, star bright and fathomless, and her voice was the music that makes men laugh or weep, according to their courage. Her lips were full for kisses but not too full for loveliness, and her breasts make themselves known through her robe like the need for love, and her skin had that alabaster softness that cries to be caressed."

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