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Mosquito Man
  • Categories:Animal, Movie


In this movie a deadly Virus which is brought from Mosquitos (like Malaria)kills many people. A scientist is working on DNA-changed Mosquitos that are unabel to aquire the virus. The last testing sequence is the test on a human. A serial-killer is brought to the lab were he overpowered the guards and take the scientest (female) as hostage. Near the Atomic Reactor (were the Mosquitos were modified) he shot at the guards. These shot back and the Reactor explodes. The serial-Killer is full of a fluid from the reactor the scientist has only a small drop from it. The serial Killer mutates to a Mansquito (something between a man and a mosquito). On his search for human blood he kills much people. The scientist also slowly transforms into such a thing (slowly because she got only a little of the fluid).

The transformation scenes are CGI i think but look pretty nice.

I own the DVD and try to post some pics if I could!

I'm sorry for the bad english cause I'm from Germany and don't know it better.


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