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The Education of Jennifer Parrish book Russell Martin
  • Categories:Female, Book


From a review by JR PARZ...
You cannot run. You cannot hide. Satan knows the way inside. Welcome to Spencer Academy, a coed boarding school that caters to the teenage children of the very rich. You think you've been lucky to get in, but you have been selected by the Organization that controls the Academy. A vast force dedicated to the cause of Satan. Your education will be swift, your transformation sudden. First you will learn the ways of raw, savage sensuality. Then, in an unspeakable ceremony you will be driven out of your young, beautiful body and into the hideous shell of an aging member of the Organization. It is a fate worse than death... and God help you. God help them all! This novel should have been the 3rd in a series of many, but Russ Martin stops here. Maybe he couldn't get the next one published, who knows? In any event, not only is this one packed with sensual seduction... but it also has body swapping!

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