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The Brass Bottle
  • Categories:Animal, Size, Movie


Burl Ives plays a genie in this movie. In one brief scene, he shrinks and transfers an entire comittee of men into a pitcher full of water to prove that he IS a genie.

This comic fantasy stars Tony Randall as a contemporary architect who buys an ancient brass bottle which contains genie Burl Ives. Though juvenile in treatment, it's actually pretty entertaining, and at one point the father of Randall's prospective bride, Edward Andrews, enrages the genie by his disbelief in magic and is promptly punished by being turned into a jackass(played by an actual animal). The jackass retains his human mind (though he can't speak) and naturally panicks at first before becoming enraged at Randall and attacking him. The transformation lasts for a nice amount of time, ending only when Randall agrees to the genie's demands (before giving in, Randall tries to reassure the jackass that he might be "cured" by a plastic surgeon or a witch doctor). Edwards is returned to his human form in an inebriated state and with no memory of the metamorphosis. By the way, Barabara Eden, who would soon become a genie herself, plays Randall's fiance, and she looks absolutely gorgeous.

Dexter's Laboratory episode Monstory - Mythical

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