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  • Categories:Misc, Video Game
  • Mother 2 in Japan
  • SNES
  • Copyright 1994, 1995 Nintendo
  • Published by Nintendo, developed by HAL Labs, designed by Shigesato Itoi
  • rated E by the ESRB.


A classic RPG for the SNES. In it, you play Ness (default name), a boy with psychokinetic abilities who is destined to save the world from evil aliens.

There are a few transformations in this game.
One of the party members, Poo (default name), has the ability to transform into certain enemies during battle, letting him mimic its actions. Unfortunately, there is no image of a change, and using this ability makes you lose control of Poo until the fight ends or it is cancelled somehow.

At the end of the game, the main characters somehow get their minds transferred into robots so they can use the time machine and fight the final boss. The time machine (Phase Distorter) destroys living things when travelling through time.

Another transformation occurs in the game to a charactr named Brick Road. When you first encounter him, he introduces himself as a dungeon developer, and that, with the help of Dr. Andonuts, he will become the dungeon man. You don't see him again until much later. About 1/2 to 2/3s into the game, you find a tall tower shaped like some sort of person. At the top, you discover that this is indeed Brick Road, transformed into Dungeon Man. You don't see any transformations taking place, but this is very creative.

Brick Road

Dungeon Man

Minor transformations:
Diamondize - Status effect, character can't act and sprite replaced with a crystalline statue
K.O. - When defeated, a character's sprite is replaced by a floating ghost with a halo.
One of the bosses, Carbon Dog, a flaming... dog, when defeated, transforms into the even stronger Diamond Dog.


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