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Mindgames or Brain, Brain Go Away
  • Categories:Misc, Play


One for the records. Some guy has written a play which is available for purchase and performing-
Here is the summary from the website-

"It is a dark and stormy night on the private island of Professor Brian Brainiac. As the storm rages outside, the Professor, aided the lovely Dr. Wynonia Whaddabody is attempting to give life to the otherwise lifeless corpse in his dungeon. The experiment fails due, in no small part, to the incompetence of his other assistant, the intellectually challenged Egad. Now faced with a ticking time-clock, the professor must work quickly in order to obtain a fresh brain and continue with his experiment before the body on the operating table completely deteriorates. But where can he obtain a suitable specimen in the time remaining? As fate would have it, the storm throws a tiny ship up on shore which includes a Captain, a heroic Deck Hand, a pair of wealthy socialites and their lovely daughter. The professor´┐Żs problems seem to have been solved as he quickly captures the new arrivals and prepares them for a series of bizarre operations. What results is a rollercoaster ride of brain swapping and mistaken identities, all of which race toward the hilarious and shocking ending."

originally posted by Pappelmousse on 2005-09-22, no edits, entryid=1279