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The Hemingway Play episode Unknown
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"The Hemingway Play" was the name of a TV movie shown on PBS in the late 1970's. The idea of the play was to show the essence of what the Hemingway novels were about (the "Hemingway Code"), done in the format of a play. Ernest Hemingway was represented by four characters in the play: (1) Hemingway as a brash young man (2) Hemingway as a middle-aged man (3) Hemingway as disillusioned old man and (4) Hemingway as a beautiful young woman. The female Hemingway was portrayed by Pamela Sue Anderson (who also did the "Nancy Drew" TV series). The reason for the female Hemingway character was that many English literature experts believe that one female character in a prominent Hemingway novel (I can't remember which one) was believed to have been written to personify Hemingway himself. There were many personal, autobiographical elements in the Hemingway novels, and most Hemingway experts believe that the beautiful young woman was really Hemingway. There were lines in the TV movie which hinted very directly that the Pamela Sue Anderson character was really the great writer, in the body of a beautiful young woman. I don't know if this counts as transformation, since to transformation occurred during the actual TV play. But since Hemingway was actually male, and the character representing him was female, perhaps it counts on that score.

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