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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fast Forward episode Invasion of the Body Jacker
  • Categories:Misc, Television Episode


The evil Phantoms (the villians of the show) have a new technology their leader possesses that can take over people's bodies. We open the story where he has body-hopped into a young female's body to get to the mall, and approach a sales-clerk standing outside his store, and then this orb comes out of her arm and into the sales clerk's. The young girl has some memory lapses, and the sales clerk goes inside to shoplift the place. His fellow female worker asks him what he's doing, and as she grabs him, she gets jacked. She then locates a Triceradon delivery man, and takes over his body, leaving her confused. The possessed Triceradon heads back to get the Phantom leader's old body back.

Meanwhile, our 4 time-displaced Turtles, their Master Splinter, and Cody Jones (great-grandson of April O'Neil and Casey Jones), arrive at a gala party, where the evil Body jacker 9000 device is being tested out. The evil phantom boss takes over the female reporter to get closer to Cody's uncle Darius to get into O'Neil Tech's weapons they plan to recycle. Michelangelo, Leonardo, Uncle Darius, Master Splinter, and other people get jacked before the Turtles realize the Body Jacker was in Leonardo and Donatello destroys the device, forcing the body jacker to short out and crash.

This episode is set in the year 2105, 99 years into the future. Somehow, the Turtles and their sensei are accidently brought into the future by Cody Jones, and they end up staying, fighting the new bad guys, meeting new allies, and trying to figure out what Cody's uncle is up to.


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