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This game features two playable characters with different storylines.

The male main character, Rue/Ryu, has the ability to transform into most of the monsters that he encounters, gaining their movement, attacks, and other features. Such creatures include gargoyles, tigers, skeletons, and many unique to the game. He never assumes the guise of another human, and the possinility of this is not discussed.
A minor villain, a woman called Mode Master, also has the ability to transform, but frequently takes disguises of other humans as well as monsters.
During one of the fights in Mint's (the female main character) story, she will be briefly transformed into a pumpkin monster. This is merely a diversionary tactic and does not have any affect other than disabling attacks for a moment.

  • Spoiler*
In Rue's story, he fights Mode Master, who takes on Rue's form, as well as several monsters.
At the end of Rue's story, the major villain Valen, a powerful magician who lost his body, takes over the body of the newly resurrected Claire. After a battle, Valen is ejected from Claire's body, and then takes on a monstrous, mechanical form using his relic, Dewprism.
Alternatively, in Mint's story, Valen takes over Rue's body instead of Claire's.
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Copyright Square-Enix 1999, 2000; developed and published by Square; rated E by the ESRB

Platform: Playstation

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