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Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
  • Categories:Misc, Computer Game


a.k.a. Netherworld Battle Chronicle: Disgaea in Japan

This game follows the adventures of Laharl, the prince of the Netherworld, after the death of his father.

Transformations in this game include...
Transmigration. The player has the option of changing certain characters' classes, and each class has its own animation. This way, it is possible to change a character into a different a gender, or a humanoid into a monster (or vise versa).
One of the opponents you encounter is a giant demon overlord from another universe. The main characters complain that he is too big, so he splits into 10 smaller versions of himself.
Prinnies, penguin-like creatures. They were humans who led sinful lives, so were reincarnated as Prinnies to work in the Netherworld and Celestia (Angel World) to atone/raise enough money to be reincarnated again.

  • spoilers*
(this game has multiple endings)
In one of the endings, Laharl sacrifices himself to save the life of Flonne, the angel. He returns as a Prinny, but this is not seen, except in concept art.
In one of the endings, Flonne is turned into a Fallen Angel, taking on a slightly different appearance (instead of white angel wings, bat wings and a devil tail, as well as a slightly different outfit and a change of eye color). Her personality does not change, however.
One of the characters, Kurtis, a human, dies. He later returns as a Prinny and joins you.
Seraph Lamington's punishment for Archangel Vulcanus is transfroming him into a flower.
One of the characters, Mid-Boss, is actually the reincarnation of Laharl's father.
In an optional battle, General Carter of the Earth Defense Force turns into "Astro Carter", which appears as a "Power-Rangers-type" character. There is no explanation.
Baal, the ultimate bonus boss. When you return to his tower aftr defeating him, you discover that he has turned into a Prinny, and somehow stronger than before.

Copyright 2003, 2004 Nippon Ichi Software; developed by Nippon Ichi Software; published by Nippon Ichi Software(JP), Atlus(US), and Koei(EU); rated T by the ESRB

Platform: Playstation 2


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