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The Devil and John Hoag Reddick
  • Categories:Animal, Folklore


I read the story a long time ago in a local newspaper. It's old Pennsylvania folklore about a man who enjoys gambling on horse races so much that he makes a deal with the devil to win the races he bets on, the price being his soul of course. Thinking himself more clever than the devil, he builds a private tomb on the Pennsylvania and Virgina (or West Virginia) state line so that when he dies the devil would have to get extradition rights from each state to take his soul. Unfortunately for him the devil somehow gets the rights from both states simultaneously and proceeds to take Reddick's soul. A chase ensues inside the tomb with Reddick outrunning the devil until the devil tires of the chase and because of Reddick's speed, turns him into a horse. For the rest of eternity he must run races with the devil as his owner and when he wins he's allowed to visit his family, but only in the form of a horse.
The original story (which is much longer and better detailed) was supposed to be published in some book about Pennsylvania folklore. I've forgotten the name of the book though.

originally posted by Rown on 2005-10-02, no edits, entryid=1256