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Neil Gaiman
  • Categories:Gender, Gender, Short Story


Changes is part of fantasy/ghost story author Neil Gaiman's short story compilation "smoke and Mirrors". It is the story of a scientist who creates an anti-cancer drug, available in pill form and completely harmless (unlike conventional chemotherapy) it has one side effect. The so called 'Reboot' drug causes the patient to biologically change gender.
As such the story charts the use of Reboot through society, first as an anti-cancer drug and then as a recreational drug for people to explore gender. The story takes the form of short chapters spanning a 30 year period and includes several transformations including jo/e a guy by day who becomes a girl for a night out

A cure for cancer that reboots the genetic code has a unique side effect; it changes the person's gender. The story goes on to cover the drug's impact on society (including Black Market versions).

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