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Fairly Odd Parents episode Presto Change-O
  • Categories:Gender, Television Episode


Timmy wishes for a Body Switching Joy Buzzer in order to switch bodies with AJ (Smart kid) to cheat on a test. Basically, is they shake hands with the joy buzzer, they switch bodies. But things go awry when he switches with his teacher, Mr. Crocker, who then tries to use Timmy's body to find proof of Fairy Godparents. There are alot of "poof" style transformations, as Timmy switching with his Father, Mother, Vicky (babysitter), and Vicky's dog, leaving whoever he switched with in the body Timmy was last using. Basically, everyone is all swapped in the end with no real wrap up aside from Timmy ending up back in his body, but everyone else still kind of swapped around. Really, this could be put in the Gender, Male, Female, and Animal categories.

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3 Comment: Fairly Odd Parents, "Presto Change-O"
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