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W.I.T.C.H. episode U is for Undivided
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One of the Witches learns that her little sister has incredible magical powers, she is so powerful that she can merely wish for something and it will come true. An enemy of the Witches wants to take her power and so as four of the Witches stand guard the other begins to tell her little sister a bedtime story, to which the little girl wishes it were real. All at once the appartment becomes a castle and their enemy is suddenly brought back to fight them, unfortunately she describes her friends a "Fairy Guardians" and the four shrink to fairy size as they face their full sized foe. At one point the full sized Witches Boyfriend tries to alter the story to help the Witches by saying that they have "Super Growth Powers", to which they breifly grow to Gigantic size but the little girl doesn't like this part of the story and they quickly shrink back down at the feet of their enemy. A fun episode.

originally posted by guest (lbh) on 2006-11-13, no edits, entryid=122