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I can't believe that this isn't in here yet.

A common creature in Japanese mythology is Kitsunes. Kitsune means fox. Most of the Kitsunes in the myths have mystical powers and the most common is the ability to transform into anything. A Kitsune's number of tails is a reflection of how powerful they are. They say every hundred years a Kitsune gets a new tail. The most tails that a Kitsune is ever said to of had is 11 tails. Kitsunes are normally femine and are known to be tricksters. The magic that they preform is the magic of illusion, meaning that everything they do isn't real but an illusion. (They don't really transform but they make people think that they did.)

One story from Japanese folklore tells of a man who finds a lovely woman while walking through the woods. They fall in love, get married, and have several children. One day, she reveals that she is not human and is, in fact, a Kitsune in disguise. He then kills her for her trickery.
(I don't really understand the moral of this story but there you go.)


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