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Mr. Ya Miss
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There is a (December) 2006 movie from Bollywood (India) titled, "Mr. Ya Miss.

�Mr Ya Miss� is a comedy about a man who is reborn in a woman�s body.

The film is directed by Antara Mali with Satchit Puranik. Antara herself plays the lead role in the film. The two main male stars are Ritesh Deshmukh and Aftab Shivdasani .

It begins with the introduction of Aftab Shivdasani, who plays Sanjay, a Casanova in the movie who is known for his roving eye. The most striking feature about his presence is his hair style that is different from anything that he has donned so far! Advertising executive Sanjay Saxena. He is a total flirt who loves to admire women�s anatomy, their beauty and much more. He has many girlfriends. His rationale � �I admire women, and they respect me for that�.

Then one day, Sanjay�s girlfriends come to know about his many affairs. Hell breaks loose when they all come together to face him. One of them hits him hard and he dies. To his horror he finds himself right in front of the Gods where Sanjay pleads with Lord Shiva and Parvati that he should be given another chance to live. He requests them to send him back to the earth again. The Lord heeds his request and sends him back to the earth but there is a twist in the tale.....

The Lord wants Sanjay to repent for his philandering ways and to know what it is like to live as a woman. So, Sanjay is reborn in a woman�s body. He is sent back as a woman and becomes Sanjana...

And the actor playing Sanjay, Mr. Aftab Shivdasani becomes Miss Antara Mali.....

Outwardly female, Sanjana is like a man in a woman�s body. She walks like a man, sits like a man, with her legs outstretched (rather than crossed). Out of habit, she often walks into men�s loo to take a leak. She is clumsy with high heels and low-necks. At her workplace, her colleagues and clients are more interested in her body than her work. Sanjana becomes the center of everyone�s attention. Men make passes at her on the road. Male flirts and Romeos whistle past her, casting amorous glances.

And above all, Shekhar (Ritesh Deshmukh) � Sanjay�s friend � falls for Sanjana. Shekhar has been a reserved fellow who always used to be amazed at Sanjay�s philandering ways. Now he is the one who falls for Sanjana, not knowing it is Sanjay inside a woman�s body.

Many humorous situations arise out of this gender confusion of Sanjana, the romantic inclination of Shekhar and the chemistry between the two.

This movie is an Indian version of "Switch".

Go to the Independent Movie Data Base,, and search for this title. Click on miscellanious links, then click on IndiaFM-When Malif turned into a male. This will take you to a synopsis of the movie and a link to the trailer.


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