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Last Picture Show
  • Categories:Gender, Television Episode
  • Series: Charmed


The minor subplot of this show has a magic marriage counciler swap Leo & Piper's bodies in a 'walk in my shoes' treatment. The magic stays in Piper's body. Best part of the swap was when 'Piper' threatens to freeze 'Leo' if 'he' doesn't stop whining. No mirror checking out. Though the nw Piper does try to look down & check out the new breasts & get 'her' hand slapped.

Very little episode time spent on this and the actors seemed bored & almost walked through it.

Trival note: the demon was played by Will Snow who played in Lost World - which had some possession plots. Also, the actory playing Agent Murpy played the Teen Wolf series where there was a good body swap betwen the beautiful Herione and a loser girl ( Switch me baby one more time)

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