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Lizzie McGuire Cine-Manga issue Volume 14
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Lizzie McGuire Cine-Manga
  1. 14 Those Freaky Mcguires & Bunkies (Lizzie Mcguire (Graphic Novels)) by Terri Minsky.

This is a pocket sized photo adaption of the series with word balloons like a comic book pasted on the photos. The novelization (all words) was published some time earlier but they are not the same book! This one is all pictures and word balloons. It should be published in December 2005

Here is the description.
Lizzie and her brother Matt hardly get along--so what will they do when they switch bodies?! Can they fool the school and figure out a way to change back before they are discovered?

(nd while switching bodies is bad, sharing a room might be even worse! In the other story, when a water pipe bursts in Matt's room, Lizzie gets a new roommate while repairs are being made! Will they learn to live together, or drive each other (and their family) crazy?)

It's listed at amazon etc, but not out yet.

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