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Jacqueline Hyde
  • Categories:Female, Gender, Movie


Jacqueline works in telephone sales, but she is not very successful at that, or in her love life. When a rich grandfather dies and leaves her a mansion, she moves in and discovers that he was working on an experimental potion. When she drinks some, she discovers that she can reshape her body at will.

At first she uses this to look more femininely attractive, and the film verges on soft porn in exploring this. But she then notices that the boyfriend of an attractive neighbour has just walked out, so she changes her body to look like him and goes to her house and says he has come back to apologise. Intercourse follows fairly swiftly.


Upcoming release from Rolfe Kanefsky (Nothing Out There, Click series) that is a female horror take off of Jeckyll & Hyde. Scheduled for a fall 2004 release.

"It�s about a shy, friendless telemarketer named Jackie Hyde who inherits a house from a grandfather she didn�t even know. The grandfather was a magician, illusionist-inventor who worked on creating the �ultimate illusion.� She stumbles across his secret lab and a serum that allows a person to shape shift and become anyone they want to. Jackie starts experimenting and transforms into this beautiful magazine model played by Blythe Metz: Blythe, a gorgeous and very credible actress, performs as Jackie�s villainous alter ego. She goes to strip clubs, transforms into men and women and the violence is a result of certain situations that get out of control. And, of course, there�s the denouement involving which personality will become the dominant force." from an interview with Red Hot


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