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Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo episode Gasser up! I'm ready to drive!
  • Categories:Furry, Television Episode


Don't even try to follow the storyline or figure out what is going on in this bizarre anime fresh from Japan, you will wind up in a room with matresses for walls.

I will try and set it up. Giraffes are coming out of Bobobo-Bo's hair and nostrils. Don Patch whirled in a typhon trying to take a test, that he didn't study for, while riding on a unicycle and putting chopstickes up his nose as Bobobo-Bo administered the test. All hope seemed lost for Beauty as one of the hair hunt troops closed in to take her hair. Just as all hope seemed lost that mysterious guy with the skull jacket appeared to save the day and he did so by farting on the villian, who later writes about it in his autobiography. With the hair hunt troop member down, Bobobo-Bo and Don Patch revealed themselves. Bobobo-Bo now was an anthropomorphic leopard in a blue skirt and sporting an impressive belt buckle and Don Patch had an accent now. Bobobo-Bo remained a leopard for most of the remainer of the show as he would speak in meows (to the point of annoyance) and would constainly play with his new tail. Don Patch blames Bobobo-Bo's transformation on this new guy and wants him thrown off the show, but according to his contract he can only throw someone off the show if he knows his name. The punk guy reveals his name to be "Gasser" which causes everyone to laugh at him. Then the wall of the building breaks down revealing a new monster for them to fight and Bobobo-bo is back to his old self but no one (but the announcer) seems to notice or care.

Did you follow that? Cause I didn't.

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5 Comment: Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo , "Gasser up! I'm ready to drive!"
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originally posted by KitsuneKit on 2005-12-04, no edits, entryid=1080