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The Triangle episode Part 1
  • Categories:Age, Television Episode


In the beggining we see Columbas have a run in with the Burmuda triangle in which him and his crew see a 21st century cargo ship, one of the crew I guess gets affected by time and ages or something, it looked like he was aging.

But the true ap came in the middle. An airplane runs into navy planes from 40s while in the triangle and while dodging them they crash into the water, killing everyone or so we thought.

While looking at the wreckage even though the plane crashed 2 hours ago, it looked like it crashed 60 years ago (the same time the planes were from) and the planes look like they just crashed. A psycic believes there is a little girl who survived somehow and when they go down to the bathroom stall she was in and when the open it up they find a old woman who claims she was the girl, has no memory of what happened and is still mentally 6.

originally posted by guest (Tazz) on 2005-12-06, no edits, entryid=1075