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El Loco Bruja's Bruja-ha-ha
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Abigail Soto is the artist and writer of growing fame on Digital Arts and beyond. Her DA site is full of hundreds of TF pictures where her magical characters lay to waste everyone from the average Joe to comic book superheroes.

Most famous of her characters is a nigh-omnipotent sadistic and bratty twelve year old girl named �Princess Lucinda� who insists on being treated like her name sake and with good reason. To do otherwise would mean your transformation into almost anything at her precocious whim.

The Art work starts a big rough but improves over time. Abby is easily one of thest TF artist out there. For traditionalist be warned she focuses just as much on the person doing the TF as the victim and sometimes she goes for the �poof� method .

If stories is more your poison Abby brings her character to live in a manner that is both descriptive and emotional. Even evil Lucinda turns out to be very three dimensional in the stories. The highlight here is one about a College age Sorceress named Minerva who goes back home to her Iwoa farm Origins and meets a big bad wolf. Its Brothers Grimm meets American Gothic and Magic.


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