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Winx Club episode Date with Disaster
  • Categories:Female, Television Episode


This show is about Five Fashionable Fairies from the realm of Magix, who attend Alfea College. Princess Stella, the blonde fairy from Solaria, has been tricked by the evil witches, Darcy, Icy, and Stormy to go on a date with Brandon, her boyfriend at Red Fountain. Darcy poses as Stella to get Stella's ring/Scepter of Solaria with her cloning ability. Bloom notices that Stella is acting more witchy and calling them "Pixies", and asks if the fake Stella is either Icy or Darcy. The fake Stella then laughs and says, "The slow horse wins the race..." and then changes into Darcy, then summons Icy and Stormy. They show the real Stella tied up in a mortal Coil...Bloom has to hand over the ring of Solaria to Icy to save Stella's life.

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