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"Vol. 1" issue of Bakeru-kun
  • Categories:Misc, Comic Book
  • Comic Title: Bakeru-kun


The introductory volume of Fujiko F Fujio's amazing children's comic of a boy who is given the gift of being able to transform himself into just about anything by a friendly alien, has scores of changes to appeal to most fans of the genre. A pre-teen boy named Kawaru is forced to recover a lost toy in a neighbors spooky house when he discovers the occupant switching from several different bodies in the form of dolls, with the previous body itself shrinking down to doll size. When the alien leaves (in the mother's body) Kawaru investigates and, like the alien, presses a dolls nose. To his astonishment he turns into a full sized version of the doll, the family dog, while his own body is shrunk down to doll size. The alien captures him, restores him to his body and before departing from Earth gives Kawaru the house and all the dolls in it. The alien leaves transformed into a flying saucer and Kawaru immediately trys out one of the dolls, transforming into the mother to fool his parents.

The main dolls include:

Bakeru-kun, another pre-teen boy who displays great athletic ability by regularly jumping over walls and even leaping from roof to roof, and is also a great swimmer and baseball player (Kawaru is useless at most sports).

Bakeru's sister, also a good athlete but is often used by Kawaru to do his homework, and to manipulate the neighborhood bully.

Bakeru's mother, a homemaker and hostess with skills in cleaning, and, as we learn in later volumes, in sewing, cooking and in looking after the sick.

Bakeru's father, whose primary purpose is to be the family's breadwinner, aided by a literally bottomless wallet that produces unlimited 1000 yen notes.

The family dog, possessed of a keen sense of smell which has helped Kawaru out on several occasions.

In this collection of stories we see some of Kawaru's creativity in using his doll collection, including being able to transfer his consciousness into several dolls at once, initially unable to have them operate independently (all synchronized in their speech and actions) but eventually learning to multi-task as it were.

Highlights include taking a public bath, transforming into the Frankenstein monster to deal with some villains, turning into Santa Claus and flying to the North Pole in his saucer form.


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