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The Day I Turned into a Babe net fiction Unknown
  • Categories:Gender, Net Fiction


This short film by suedenim was produced using "The Movies," by Lionhead Studios/Activision.

Impossible as it sounds, one day, after drinking some bad wine coolers, John Teller wakes up as... "Jane" Teller. And nobody remembers it ever being otherwise!

A digitally remastered version of a 1986 film, itself a remake of the 1946 cult hit, The Day I Turned Into a Dame. While adhering fairly closely to the original script, the remake features a significant casting innovation. In 1946, Harry Bittman portrayed his female self convincingly, but the approach necessarily had its limitations. In 1986, the casting of twins Johnny and Jenny Falco in the lead role opened up many new story possibilities, making it visually plausible both that a genuine gender transformation had taken place, and that both male and female identities were the "same person."

If you watch the movie, I'd appreciate it if you take a moment to register at "The Movies Online" and leave a short review with feedback!

The Day I Turned Into a Babe


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8 Comment: The Day I Turned Into a Babe
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